Six Functions of $1



“Compound Interest Tables” – “Six Functions of $1”

For real estate professionals, real estate investors and those wanting the use of a computerized version of the “Six Functions of $1.00” to aid in the valuation of cash flows from rental real estate, investment real estate including: the calculations of the present value of future cash flows, the discounting of money over time.



6 Functions of $1
Compound Interest Tables

Compound Interest Tables – 6 Functions of $1

The “6 Functions of $1” are the computerized version of the “Compound Interest Tables” found in most real estate investment text books and are used by real estate appraisers, assessors, brokers, bankers and real estate investment portfolio managers to determine the present worth of future benefits from the ownership of investment real estate, the future value of periodic payments at compound interest, mortgage payments, the discounting of future benefits and various investment analysis involving the ownership of cash flows for various investments and holding periods. The six functions of a dollar are the basic building blocks to analyze and determine market values for all types of investment real estate decisions. The following download includes the six individual functions setup in easy to use spreadsheet format with detailed instructions for each step in the calculation process. A recent addition to the templates is a consolidated version that includes all six functions of one dollar as depicted in the adjacent photo. This template is all inclusive and is similar to the tables found in the back of most real estate textbooks. By changing the interest rate in the upper left hand corner of the chart the entire chart recalculates the rates for all six functions. Therefore, you can view and/or print a compound interest rate table for any interest rate you chose without limitation. The templates are prepared to use with Microsoft Excel and once downloaded to your computer should be saved on a backup CD, floppy disk or some other type of storage media. This will allow you to keep an original copy to reinstall in case you corrupt the working file copy stored on your hard drive. Also provided are templates to calculate mortgage constants, mortgage payments, future value of single and periodic payments and the present value of future payments over a specified holding period.
The Following Compound Interest Tables are included with the Six Functions of $1.00
The Amount of $1
The Amount of $1 per Period
Sinking Fund
Present Worth of $1
Present Worth of $1 per Period
Partial Payment
Compound Interest Tables (6 functions of $1) for any Interest Rate.
Print them and take them with you or take them on your laptop.
Mortgage Constant Calculator
Mortgage Payment Calculator
Future Value Calculator
Present Value Calculator

These templates eliminate the need to use the printed tables most people are still using. By changing the interest rate the template automatically recalculates the factor. By changing the term it will provide the factor for that term and the selected interest rate. You can copy the entire template into another spreadsheet or your word processor. These six templates will save you time and of course money. Also included for those who need a complete set of printed tables is the standard six column table of all six functions ready to print. It is only necessary to change the interest rate at the top left hand corner of the page and print the recalculated table or tables for any interest rate. This was recently requested by several appraisal students and new license examinees. Also included with these six templates are three additional templates that calculate present worth, future worth and mortgage payments. Also included for those seeking formulas to use are all the spreadsheet formulas for the six functions. Just copy and paste them into your own spreadsheet.

To See a Sample “Compound Interest Table” aka “6 Functions of $1”


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