Car Lease or Buy Analyzer


“Car Lease or Buy Analyzer” will compare the cost of purchasing and leasing the same car, truck or SUV.  This valuable tool will allow you to take control of your next car purchase or lease and tell you which is the most cost efficient method to acquire your next vehicle.


The most comprehensive
“Car Lease or Buy Analyzer”
software template on the market

Should I Lease or Buy a New Car? That is the question most consumer’s are asking themselves. Find out for yourself what your best options are from an unbiased consultant.  Why not find out, if your proposed transaction makes economic sense? It is one thing to speculate about your options; it is certainly another to have the facts presented based on the actual deal or deals you are considering.  Don’t be like so many others that have leased or purchased and wished later, they had done the opposite. Be an informed consumer, remember, hind-sight is always 20-20. Let me help you make the right decision now, before signing your name on the dotted line. You could save 100’s even 1,000’s of dollars.

Car Lease or Buy Analyzer

“Car Lease or Buy Analyzer” is the most comprehensive analyzer of the economics of leasing or buying a car available today. This spreadsheet template analysis will estimate payments & interest rates, principal & interest payments, the cost/mile to drive the vehicle and the difference in costs of your proposed lease/buy deals being considered. You will know exactly the terms & costs over the lease/buy period. The “Car Lease or Buy Analyzer” will tell you whether or not the costs quoted by the dealer are truthful and consistent with your proposed transaction.  This valuable tool will place you in the driver’s seat when negotiating your best car lease. You will be able to input the terms of the lease and/or purchase and see the results instantly.  This publication will tell you the actual interest rate being charged on the lease and purchase. When the dealer says you are only paying for the part of the vehicle you are using, he should be saying you are paying interest on the full purchase price of the vehicle (less your down payment) during the term of the lease. In most cases you will find that the interest rate quoted for the lease (IF THE DEALER WILL QUOTE ONE) is higher than if you purchase the vehicle. Don’t be misled by hidden charges that are nothing more than interest charges under another name.

“Car Lease or Buy Analyzer” will tell you what you need to know before making your decision to buy or lease the next vehicle. It compares the cost to lease or buy the same vehicle on a dollar for dollar basis and on a cost per mile basis. It even factors into the analysis the lost interest opportunity on your security deposit.

Key Benefits:

Terminology: Learn the auto leasing jargon. Don’t be misled by words and phrases that are designed to confuse the facts.

Interest Rates: Compare what you are told with the cold hard facts created by the proposed financial transaction.

Compare the cost per mile of driving the same vehicle leased or purchased. You will be surprised at what it really costs/mile when considering all of the terms.

Save Money: You could save $100’s even $1,000’s as an informed consumer with the help of this analyzer.

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