So You’re Thinking of Leasing a Car


“So You’re Thinking of Leasing a Car” provides a more complete description of the process used to develop the information necessary to complete the analysis in the Car Lease or Buy Analyzer.  Even though the Analyzer is a stand alone product with its own directions for completing the analysis, the book provides a more complete description and directions.


“So You’re Thinking of Leasing a Car” is generally sold with the “Car Lease or Buy Analyzer”, since “So You’re Thinking of Leasing a Car” is a book used as a guide for utilizing the “Car Lease or Buy Analyzer” that has been developed as a spreadsheet template to analyze your best options of whether to lease or buy your next vehicle. The analyzer is a stand alone program template, since it includes all of the necessary directions to fully perform the analysis; however, more in depth explanation for the use of the analyzer can be found in the “So You’re Thinking of Leasing a Car” book.

Car Lease or Buy Analyzer

The book essentially walks you through the entire use of the spreadsheet and explains the calculations that result from your input. The book also includes a terminology section that describes the terms used in the car industry. The book also includes things that you should know about the entire car lease or buy process; such as, hidden charges that drive up the price and increase your monthly payment. It is your duty to obtain the lowest price and financial terms and it is the dealers obligation to make as much money as possible on each transaction. Not all dealers and finance companies are honest. It is solely up to you to protect yourself. Become an informed car consumer. These two tools will provide the knowledge you need in your quest for a rewarding car lease or buy transaction. Never sign an incomplete contract. Once you do, it can be changed without your permission. Some dealers are notorious for getting unsuspecting consumers to sign an open ended contract. They will use numerous excuses why you should, but never fall for this scam. It can cost you dearly for many years to come. By using the spreadsheet and book, you will quickly know the integrity of the proposed transaction, since it checks the dealers quoted rates and payments to see if he is honest.

The book “So You’re Thinking of Leasing a Car” is available for download below for just $9.95 and the spreadsheet template is available as a download for $19.95. We recommend the bundle, since it is the most in depth. These two products are only available for download from this website.


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