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It has been proven numerous times throughout history that religion and government don’t mix well.  That is unless only one religion is allowed in each country and that is next to impossible in today’s world.  Most countries are dominated by one religion, but non seem to be mono-religious.  Most of the wars have been fought over religious domination as demonstrated by the Bible.  Unfortunately, that trend continues now with the expansion of Islam around the world.  Religious wars have dominated the Middle East for thousands of years with little evidence of subsiding anytime soon.  People are ready to fight for their religious beliefs in hopes of religious domination in their quest to be the only recognized religion throughout the world.  Islam is reported to be the fastest growing religion of our time.  Some of which is by conquest and the rest is by birth rate.  Muslim births are 3-4 times that of Christians.   Around the world Mosques are being built at an alarming rate.   Especially in countries that have historically been Christian for centuries.  The goal appears to dominate these countries through growth in the Muslim population.  In the Middle East the Islamic Terrorists are slaughtering large numbers of Jews and Christians.  Islamic Terrorism has also been spreading throughout the world with recent attacks in France and the United States.  Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to this problem unless we close our borders to future Muslims; however, that probably will never happen and perhaps shouldn’t.  The U.S. Constitution provides for the separation of church and state.  We should continue in that fashion, since that is what the law directs.  We cannot expect at this late date to create an Islamic free society.  It is too late for that.  What we must do is work to make our government inclusive of all people as intended by our founding fathers and keep all religions, their rules, laws and ideology out of our government, if we don’t want to be another Middle East at war within itself for thousands of years.  If we are serious about remaining a free society under our present constitution, we must find some way to keep out the terrorists trying to get in and remove those that are already here.  Our life as a nation depends on securing our country from those that wish to destroy our government and us as a people.  We must secure our borders on the ground, on the water and in the air for our own safety as a people and country.