Presidential Election

Presidential Candidates

It is unfortunate for the U.S. that we the people have chosen presidential candidates for the 2016 election that on the one hand are corrupt and on the other suffering from extreme arrogance.  I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, since the public in general displays its own level of arrogance and corruption.  So why should we expect any different. 

The Democrats want more free stuff right along with their constituents.  We already have nearly 50% of the population on some form of welfare and don’t pay income tax, but want even more free stuff.  There is little incentive for them to go to work and/or learn a new trade to better themselves.   Why do that when more and more is available free for the asking.  The candidate has been known to have poor judgement, being untruthful and selling the U.S. down the river for personal wealth with the aid of her ex-president husband.  If we elect this person as president, we will continue down the path to destruction and she and her husband will exit the Whitehouse as billionaires and we will be much worse off and far more in debt than ever before.  Why would a women stay with her womanizing husband through numerous affairs, unless she valued power and money more than her own integrity.  Is that the kind of person you want to have running this country.  If she doesn’t value her own integrity, she most likely doesn’t value yours either.

The Republican candidate for president is the most arrogant person to ever run for office.  His tongue elicits vulgar language with most every speech.  He brags about his business success, his intelligence, his billions, while denigrating everyone, including the weak, the veterans, other candidates, their wives and anyone else that choses to disagree with him.  He has a terrible attitude and is very unpresidential.   If elected president, he could cause world war three with his tongue in a matter of minutes.  A person that cannot think on his feet and control his tongue is a dangerous person to have in charge at the top.

Neither candidate is capable of being what this country needs for a president.  Neither candidate has the level of integrity necessary to be an effective leader, not only here, but to be a world leader.  Their integrity flew out the window and left the solar system on their arrogant missiles and we, as their constituents, continue to support them on their way to our demise as a leaders of the free world.  Nice job all you free loaders.  I hope you are proud of yourselves.  This country is breeding a generation of socialists that will eventually destroy us as a nation.  All they want and expect is everything for nothing without realizing that they ultimately will have to pay for it when the bill comes due.

We as a country are flirting with economic disaster, because our government has and continues to bury us in more and more debt, now almost $20,000,000,000,000.00 and climbing at a very alarming rate.   It is reported that we must keep borrowing to pay our bills and owing $100 trillion dollars is entirely possible.  This country for all intents and purposes is bankrupt along with many other countries, but the United States is by far the worst.  Eventually, the bubble will burst and we will all pay a very dear price.  We could become a third world country and lose our freedom as a people all out of a lack of integrity and greed.

All you have to do is look at Congress to see lack of integrity and greed.  Congress votes themselves pay raises, increases their own benefits even when the people they represent are losing their homes, cars and savings.  Congress has no conscience.  Have you ever known of a Congress person leaving Congress worse off than when they took office?  I can’t think of one, can you?  In general they all become much more wealthy while in office.