Politics in America

Political Suicide in America

The American people are being brainwashed by the media, Congress, the President and both political parties. We are led to believe that it is OK to destroy history by removing all symbolism from the eyes of the country. We are allowing ourselves to be led down the path to the destruction of our country by people that think that the removal of all statues related to slavery in any way should be destroyed. Unfortunately, those narrow-minded individuals think it is acceptable to change the history of this country and its progression from the past to the future. They can’t seem to grasp the necessity of keeping those symbols as a thwart against continued racism among our populous. It is like the approach of the Jews to the Holocaust. The Jews intend to keep the public aware of the tremendous loss of life from extermination by continued exposure to the symbolism of the past. They believe that keeping people aware of the past helps guard against the recurrence of those tragic days in the future.

I believe that the removal of all symbolism of the past is a huge mistake. If we allow the rewriting of history to satisfy one group or another, we are more likely to experience more tragedy in years to come. This country was founded based on sound principals that have allowed us to become the great nation we have become. Unfortunately, there are those in this country that think the world would be better if we become less powerful as a nation. If we invoke the desires of the far left and the far right, we will become a country in turmoil, having less freedom and more dissension among the populace and politics. Our younger generation is easily led by those wishing to destroy and the older generation is too weak to prevent the demise of our heritage and future.

I get disgusted with the news media, because they are all biased. The major networks support the democratic liberal agenda, while republicans have little support except from one network. Even the newscasters are pro-liberal on the major networks. The days of being able to depend on the truth have disappeared from reality. They are politically motivated and consequently of questionable reliability as accurate sources of news. I tend to watch news from both sides of the isle to formulate my own opinion. Unfortunately, most people only watch one side or the other, but not both. How can you make a rational decision without weighing all the facts from both sides? I’m always amazed that people formulate their opinions based on very limited one-sided information. Why do people go for a second medical opinion, but refuse to do the same thing in politics? A person who believes what he hears as gospel has the mind of an idiot unless he allows the discovery of both sides of the issue and then draws his own unbiased opinion. If you are not interested in listening or reading the facts on both sides of the issue before making a rational decision, then you are basing your decision on biased information developed by others who may be trying to brainwash you. I believe there are various groups in our country that are trying to lead us as a country down the wrong path. They are trying to destroy our country from within, take away our freedoms, brainwash our children, our politicians, etc. They have infested our schools, colleges, universities, churches, etc. Unfortunately, they have a strong foothold in our society and are growing at an alarming rate. They are rewriting history and changing our beliefs in many areas of society. Our sovereignty as a nation is at risk and few people see it or even care that it is happening. When it is lost, then they will care, because their illustrious way of life will be gone forever. There will be no more freebees, no more healthcare, no more security, no more welfare, no more unemployment, no more free education and no more freedom. We will become a destroyed nation of poor wealth and poor wills.

We are a nation headed for revolution created by the liberal left and the far right. The days of freedom as we in my generation have come to enjoy and respect are numbered. Our politicians have no moral integrity. They are a bunch of philandering fools more interested in themselves than our great country. It has become acceptable for a president to cheat on his wife, have sex with an aid in the White House, lie to the First lady, lie to Congress, and lie to the American People about his philandering. It has also been OK for our Secretary of State and Presidential Nominee to lie and cheat the American People by accepting large amounts of money from foreign governments in need of Uranium to make weapons to use against us. The Clintons have lied repeatedly about their activities, while in the White House, as Secretary of State, outside the White House and as Candidates for President for their own personal benefit. They said they left the White House in debt. So how did they amass the hundreds of millions of dollars they now have. That is a huge question that the Democrats refuse to consider and few on either side of the isle are willing to discuss, at least in public. I expect it is because they all have a huge tail to hide. If Congress, the FBI and the Justice Department were to investigate, it could open the doors to a holocaust in Washington.

When over 40% of this country’s population is receiving government assistance in the form of welfare, unemployment benefits, etc, we have a huge problem going forward. There are millions of people sitting on their keisters enjoying a free ride that are perfectly capable of working and providing for themselves. Unfortunately, our government allows them to draw assistance without recourse. The number of people on welfare can collect benefits unchecked. Many have been on welfare for decades with no intention of ever working. Why work if you don’t have to, because our social government will take care of use. The number of welfare recipients continues to grow toward 50% of our population uninhibited. When a country is faced with over 40% of its population non-producing that means that they also are non-tax payers and become a negative drain on our economy. Our socialistic programs coming out of Washington will eventually bankrupt our country. Our debt is around twenty trillion dollars and is expected to rise to over 100 trillion dollars. We are a country headed for bankruptcy and no one has the guts to do anything about it. Congress is under the control of the special interest groups, because Congressional Members need to stay in power to protect and grow their financial wellbeing. With over 40% of the population on welfare, Congress knows that they need to keep those people happy to stay in power. So they keep creating programs for them that allow them to keep taking from the gravy train. After all, happy people vote for those who give them the most free programs. A greedy congress and greedy people are destroying our country each year they remain in office. We the people should expose their agenda and vote them out of office. We need to find people to run for what is good for the country and not for political reasons.

Congress must be held accountable for their destruction of this country. They only care about themselves and laugh all the way to the bank; while the middle class just keeps on paying and looking the other way. Congress is relying on our continued complacency and stupidity, but we all need to take a more active role in our government. If we don’t, we will forsake all those that have fought and died for our freedom and way of life. Patriotism is dying in favor of free stuff, lack of accountability for our behavior, deteriorating morals, and complacency. It is a privilege and honor to be a citizen of this country and we should all act like it.