Little Raven

Little Raven by Shanna Royal

“Little Raven” by Shanna Royal is the story about a girl trying to investigate the suspicious and sometimes scary dreams she experiences almost nightly.  The story setting is in a small Christian Town in a rural area in the 19th Century.  The main character is Celeste Aberwick, who lives with her parents and older brother.  The story is about her unknown past and her discovery of an adjacent deserted town called Benowen hidden in the forest within walking distance from her home town of Carowen.  Celeste begins to have strange dreams of disturbing unfamiliar people and places.  This leads her to search for answers to these repeating dreams of ever increasing perplexities.  She is determined to find out why she keeps having these dreams and feelings of anxiety.  As Celeste delves much deeper into these perplexing dreams she is forced to confide in her older brother, who tries to help with the investigation.  She later meets a young man that helps her solve the reason for her dreams.  She begins to realize that her dreams are having a serious effect on her everyday life and must be thoroughly investigated before she goes off to college.  The finale of “Little Raven” is compelling and at the same time is heart warming. The story progresses quickly; while keeping you on the edge of your seat.  Consequently, it is hard to put down.

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