Car Lease or Buy Sample Analysis

There are four pages of spreadsheet analysis performed by the “Car Lease or Buy Analyzer”.  The first page is where you insert the data obtained from the dealer, lender and leasing company.  The other three pages perform the actual analysis of the dat you inputted on the first page.  The second page performs the calculation of the proposed lease by checking what the lease payments should be based on the input from the first page.  This page compares and checks the validity of the dealer/leasing company.  The third page performs the calculations to check and compare the dealer/lending company payments against the calculations for the loan and payment amounts.  The fourth page compares the cost on a dollar for dollar basis and cost per mile basis for leasing and buying the same car.  The following are the four pages taken from a sample analysis.

“Car Lease or Buy” – Input Page    InputPage03

“Car Lease or Buy” – Lease Analysis Page


“Car Lease or Buy” – Buy Page


“Car Lease or Buy” – Comparison Page


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