Books on various subjects will be offered as they are published.  We offer books on a wide range of subjects, from technical writings, to novels.  The following books are currently available for download.

“Little Raven”  –  This is the story of a little girl growing up in a small town during the 19th century.  She lives with her mother, father and older brother in a fictitious town called Carowen.  The story centers around her dreams that cause her to begin investigating what they mean.  She ultimately discovers her past and in the process meets her future.  The mystery behind her past and her passion for solving the reason for her continued dreams makes it difficult to put the book down.  Since the story is written without sexual content & cuss words, it is suitable for all ages.  Ideal for children of all ages, as well as, adults.  Shanna Royal is the author of the “Little Raven”.  More information about the book and the author may be found by selecting “Little Raven”.

“So You’re Thinking of Leasing a Car” – This publication is available for download for those in need of an operation manual for “Car Lease or Buy Analyzer”.  This text will allow you to have the manual open on your desk as it leads you through the steps necessary to properly analyze and compare the cost of leasing vs. buying your next car.  Even though the “Car Lease or Buy” spreadsheet template has built in drop down menus to fully lead you through the analysis, some may prefer to have further assistance with the templates use.  This publication is designed to provide that added assistance.  For more information please select the following title link “So You’re Thinking of Leasing a Car”.